Independent Living Companion Care on Oahu

Hawaii Safety Supervision and Meal Preparation Task Services

Safety supervision for independent living older adults on Oahu in Hawaii becomes a necessity with aging. As we get older the likelihood of a fall increases which means having safety supervision from a companion becomes a must. Oahu individuals who are living independently, but would like to have a companion readily available for assistance with meal preparation and other daily tasks around the home can benefit from companion care services. Having a companion at home to provide safety to the older adult will make all the difference with the well-being of your loved one.

Our Hawaii based care professionals provide around the clock companionship care services to independent living individual across the island of Oahu. Some common needs of individuals requiring companion care involves non-medical home care such as meal preparation and housekeeping services. Other simple tasks such as reminders to take medication, and promoting safety throughout the home are benefits that come with companion care.

Oahu Housekeeping and Medication Reminder Companion Care Services

Through our companion care services, we make it possible for individuals living independently to still receive the care they need through safety supervision. We can also help with simple care tasks such as medication reminders and meal preparation. Companionship offers stimulation to the older adult through staying social engaged, and a tidy living atmosphere with our housekeeping services. Our team of Oahu based care professionals are here to make independent living in the comfort of your home possible.

Oahu Companion Care Services