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Nurse Aide Tuition Assistance Program

Invest in Your Future with Mālama Maika’i, where we prioritize nurturing and empowering our team’s professional growth.

Careers for Care Professionals

Nurse Aide Tuition Assistance Program

At Mālama Maika’i, we believe in nurturing and investing in the professional growth or our team. Our Nurse Aide Tuition Assistance Program is designed to support aspiring nurse aides by providing financial assistance for their education and certification process. This program is an excellent opportunity for those who are passionate about caregiving and looking to advance their careers in the healthcare industry.

Nurse Aide Tuition Assistance : Get Professional Training

What are the Benefits of this Program?

By participating in the Nurse Aide Tuition Assistance Program at Mālama Maika’i, you’ll unlock a pathway to professional advancement and personal fulfillment in the healthcare industry. Enjoy financial support to cover tuition costs and expenses related to nurse aide training and certification.

Financial Assistance

Mālama Maika’i will cover the cost of your nurse aide training program and certification exam, allowing you to focus on your studies without worrying about expenses.

Comprehensive Training

Gain hands-on experience and learn essential skills through a state-approved nurse aide training program.

Employment Opportunities

Upon successful completion of the program and certification, you’ll have the opportunity to join our team of dedicated care professionals, providing quality care services to our clients.

Career Growth

As a certified nurse aide, you’ll have the foundation for a rewarding and fulfilling career in healthcare, with opportunities for continued education and advancement within the industry.

Professional Nurse Aide Training Program

Eligibility Requirements for this Program

Eligibility Requirements

Be at least 18 years of age, possess a high school diploma or equivalent, successfully pass a background check and drug screening, and be committed to completing the training program and obtaining certification.

Schedule your Phone Interview

If selected, you’ll be invited for an interview to further discuss your qualifications and suitability for the program.

Submit an Application

We will invite you to fill out an employee application which includes your resume and a personal statement explaining your interest in the program and your career goals as a nurse aide.

Invest In Your Future

Nurse Aide Tuition assistance

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